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Adjective: clotted  kló-tid
  1. Thickened or coalesced in soft thick lumps (such as clogs or clots)
    "clotted blood";
    - clogged
Verb: clot (clotted,clotting)  klót
  1. Change from a liquid to a thickened or solid state
    "clotted blood";
    - coagulate
  2. Cause to change from a liquid to a solid or thickened state
    - coagulate
  3. Turn into curds
    "clotted milk";
    - curdle, clabber
  4. Coalesce or unite in a mass
    "Blood clots";
    - clog

See also: thick

Type of: alter, change, change state, coalesce, modify, turn

Encyclopedia: Clot