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Adjective: compact  kum'pakt or ,kóm'pakt or 'kóm,pakt
  1. Closely and firmly united or packed together
    "compact soil"; "compact clusters of flowers"
  2. Having a short and solid form or stature
    "a wrestler of compact build";
    - heavyset, stocky, thick, thickset
  3. Briefly giving the gist of something
    "a compact style is brief and pithy";
    - compendious, succinct, summary
Noun: compact  kum'pakt or ,kóm'pakt or 'kóm,pakt
  1. A small cosmetics case with a mirror; to be carried in a woman's purse
    - powder compact
  2. A formal agreement between two or more parties to perform or not perform some action
    - covenant, concordat
  3. A small and economical car
    - compact car
Verb: compact  kum'pakt or ,kóm'pakt or 'kóm,pakt
  1. Have the property of being packable or of compacting easily
    "This powder compacts easily";
    - pack
  2. Compress into a wad
    "compact paper into the box";
    - pack, bundle, wad
  3. Make more compact by or as if by pressing
    "compact the data";
    - compress, pack together
  4. Bring together or compress
    "she compacted her lips";
    - compress, constrict, squeeze, contract, press

Derived forms: compacts, compacted, compacting

See also: clayey, cloggy, close-packed, concentrated, concise, consolidated, heavy, impacted, little, packed, serried, short, tight

Type of: arrange, auto [informal], autocar [archaic], automobile [N. Amer], be, car, case, force, motorcar, sardine [informal], set up, squash, squeeze, tighten, wedge, wheel [informal], whip [US, informal], written agreement

Antonym: loose

Encyclopedia: Compact