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Adjective: compacted
  1. Closely or densely packed together
    "compacted snow"
Verb: compact  kum'pakt or ,kóm'pakt or 'kóm,pakt
  1. Have the property of being packable or of compacting easily
    "This powder compacts easily";
    - pack
  2. Compress into a wad
    "compact paper into the box";
    - pack, bundle, wad
  3. Make more compact by or as if by pressing
    "compact the data";
    - compress, pack together
  4. Bring together or compress
    "she compacted her lips";
    - compress, constrict, squeeze, contract, press

Type of: arrange, be, force, sardine [informal], set up, squash, squeeze, tighten, wedge

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