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Adjective: confusing  kun'fyoo-zing
  1. Causing confusion or disorientation
    "a confusing jumble of road signs"; "being hospitalized can be confusing and distressing for a small child"
  2. Lacking clarity of meaning; causing confusion or perplexity
    "sent confusing signals to Iraq";
    - perplexing, puzzling
Verb: confuse  kun'fyooz
  1. Mistake one thing for another
    "you are confusing me with the other candidate";
    - confound
  2. Be confusing or perplexing to; cause to be unable to think clearly
    "These questions confuse even the experts";
    - throw, fox, befuddle, fuddle, bedevil, confound, discombobulate, perplex, vex, stick, get, puzzle, mystify, baffle, beat, pose, bewilder, flummox, stupefy, nonplus, gravel, dumbfound
  3. Cause to feel embarrassment
    "The constant attention of the young man confused her";
    - flurry, disconcert, put off
  4. Assemble without order or sense
    "She confuses the words when she is supposed to write a sentence";
    - jumble, mix up
  5. Make unclear, indistinct, or blurred
    "Her remarks confused the debate";
    - blur, obscure, obnubilate

See also: disorienting, muddy, unclear

Type of: abash, alter, assemble, be, change, embarrass, misidentify, mistake, modify, piece, put together, set up, tack, tack together

Encyclopedia: Confusing