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Noun: dead nettle
  1. Foul-smelling perennial Eurasiatic herb with a green creeping rhizome
    - hedge nettle, Stachys sylvatica
  2. Any of various plants of the genus Lamium having clusters of small usually purplish flowers with two lips
  3. Coarse bristly Eurasian plant with white or reddish flowers and foliage resembling that of a nettle; common as a weed in United States
    - hemp nettle, Galeopsis tetrahit
  4. A plants of the genus Pilea having drooping green flower clusters and smooth translucent stems and leaves
    - richweed, clearweed, Pilea pumilla

Derived forms: dead nettles

Type of: herb, herbaceous plant, nettle

Part of: Galeopsis, genus Galeopsis, genus Lamium, genus Pilea, genus Stachys, Lamium, Pilea, Stachys

Encyclopedia: Dead nettle