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Verb: deform  di'form or dee'form
  1. Make formless
    "the heat deformed the plastic sculpture"
  2. Twist and press out of shape
    "His body was twisted as if someone had taken it and twisted it beyond the natural ability of a body to deform itself";
    - contort, distort, wring
  3. Cause (an object) to assume a crooked or angular form
    "deform the rod";
    - flex, bend, twist, turn
  4. Become misshapen
    "The pavement deformed during the earthquake"
  5. Alter the shape of (something) by stress
    "His body was deformed by leprosy";
    - distort, strain
  6. Assume a different shape or form
    - change shape, change form

Derived forms: deforms, deformed, deforming

Type of: alter, change, distort, form, modify, shape, twine, twist

Encyclopedia: Deform