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Adjective: elongate  i'long,geyt or 'ee,lóng,geyt [N. Amer], 'ee,lóng,geyt [Brit]
  1. (of a leaf shape) long and narrow
    - linear
  2. Having notably more length than width; being long and slender
    "an elongate tail tapering to a point";
    - elongated
Verb: elongate  i'long,geyt or 'ee,lóng,geyt [N. Amer], 'ee,lóng,geyt [Brit]
  1. Make long or longer by pulling and stretching
    "elongate the fabric";
    - stretch

Derived forms: elongating, elongated, elongates

See also: long, simple, unsubdivided

Type of: lengthen

Encyclopedia: Elongate