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Adjective: excused  iks'kyoozd
  1. Granted exemption
    "one of the excused jurors planned to write a book"
Verb: excuse  ik'skyoos
  1. Accept an excuse for
    "Please excuse my dirty hands";
    - pardon
  2. Grant exemption or release to
    "Please excuse me from this class";
    - relieve, let off, exempt
  3. Serve as a reason, cause or justification of
    "Your need to sleep late does not excuse your late arrival at work";
    - explain
  4. Defend, explain, clear away, or make excuses for by reasoning
    "excuse the child's seemingly crazy behaviour";
    - apologize, apologise [Brit], rationalize, rationalise [Brit]
  5. Ask for permission to be released from an engagement
    - beg off
  6. Excuse, overlook, or make allowances for; be lenient with
    "excuse someone's behaviour";
    - condone

See also: exempt

Type of: absolve, ask for, bespeak, call for, defend, fend for, forgive, free, justify, pardon, quest, request, support, vindicate

Encyclopedia: Excused