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Adjective: feathered  fe-dhu(r)d
  1. Adorned with feathers or plumes
    - feathery, plumy
  2. Having or covered with feathers
    "our feathered friends"
Verb: feather  fe-dhu(r)
  1. Join tongue and groove, in carpentry
  2. Cover or fit with feathers
  3. Turn the paddle; in canoeing
    - square
  4. Turn the oar, while rowing
    - square
  5. Grow feathers
    "The young sparrows are feathering already";
    - fledge

See also: adorned, aftershafted, decorated, featherlike, feathery, fledged, flighted, pennate, plumaged, plumate, plumed, plumelike, plumose, plumy, vaned, velvety-plumaged

Type of: acquire, conjoin, cover, develop, get, grow, join, paddle, produce, row

Antonym: unfeathered

Encyclopedia: Feathered

Feather, Victor