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Noun: feathering  fe-dhu-ring
  1. Turning an oar parallel to the water between pulls
    - feather
Verb: feather  fe-dhu(r)
  1. Join tongue and groove, in carpentry
  2. Cover or fit with feathers
  3. Grow feathers
    "The young sparrows are feathering already";
    - fledge
  4. (computer graphics) blend the pixels of an image with those of a background or a neighbouring image
  5. (canoeing) turn the paddle so the blade is parallel to the water flow
  6. (rowing) turn the oar so the blade is parallel to the water but in the air, reducing resistance and noise
  7. Change the angle of the blades of an aircraft propeller so they are parallel to the air flow (reducing drag and stopping windmilling)

Derived forms: featherings

Type of: acquire, conjoin [formal], cover, develop, get, grow, join, produce, rotary motion, rotation

Part of: rowing

Encyclopedia: Feathering

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