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Noun: flapping  fla-ping
  1. The motion made by flapping up and down
    "the sudden flapping of the startled pigeons";
    - flap, flutter, fluttering
  2. (phonology) a phonological process found in many dialects of English, especially American English and Canadian English, by which intervocalic /t/ and /d/ surface as the alveolar flap before an unstressed syllable, so that words such as "metal" and "medal" are pronounced similarly or identically
Verb: flap (flapped,flapping)  flap
  1. (of wings) move up and down with a thrashing motion
    "The bird flapped its wings";
    - beat
  2. Move in a wavy pattern or with a rising and falling motion
    "the waves flapped towards the beach";
    - roll, undulate, wave
  3. Move noisily
    "flags flapped in the strong wind"
  4. Move with a flapping motion
    "The bird's wings were flapping";
    - beat
  5. Make a fuss; be agitated
    - dither, pother
  6. Pronounce with a flap, of alveolar sounds

Derived forms: flappings

Type of: articulate, beat, displace, enounce, enunciate, fret, fuss, move, niggle, pound, pronounce, say, sound out, thump, undulation, wave

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