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Preposition: for  for or fu(r)
  1. Appropriate to; intended for
    "lessons for beginners"
  2. Beneficial to; on behalf of
    "this is for you"
  3. Because of
    "I jumped for joy"
  4. At a price of, in exchange for
    "selling for less than a dollar"
  5. Extending, lasting
    "bends for the next ten miles"; "seemed to take for ages"
  6. In favour of
    "I'm for going now before it's too late"
  7. In the direction of
    "heading for London";
    - toward, towards
Conjunction: for  for or fu(r)
  1. For the reason that; on account of
    "empty, for it had been upside down";
    - as, because, since, coz [Brit, informal], cos [Brit, informal]

Sounds like: foe, f, for, fore, four, f

Encyclopedia: For, but not with