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Noun: ford  ford
  1. The shallow area of a river or stream where it can be crossed without a bridge
    - crossing
  2. The act of crossing a stream or river by wading, in a car or on a horse
    - fording
Verb: ford  ford
  1. Cross a river where it's shallow
Noun: Ford  ford
  1. United States manufacturer of automobiles who pioneered mass production (1863-1947)
    - Henry Ford
  2. English writer and editor (1873-1939)
    - Ford Madox Ford, Ford Hermann Hueffer
  3. Son of Henry Ford (1893-1943)
    - Edsel Ford, Edsel Bryant Ford
  4. 38th President of the United States; appointed vice president and succeeded Nixon when Nixon resigned (1913-2006)
    - Gerald Ford, Gerald R. Ford, Gerald Rudolph Ford, President Ford
  5. United States film maker (1896-1973)
    - John Ford
  6. Grandson of Henry Ford (1917-1987)
    - Henry Ford II

Derived forms: Fords, forded, fords, fording

Type of: author, body of water, Chief Executive, cover, cross, crossing, cut across, cut through, film maker, film producer, filmmaker, get across, get over, industrialist, movie maker, pass over, POTUS [US, informal], President, President of the United States, track, traverse, United States President, water, writer

Part of: stream, watercourse

Encyclopedia: Ford, Oliver