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Noun: framing  frey-ming
  1. Formulation of the plans and important details
    "the framing of judicial decrees"
  2. A framework that supports and protects a picture or a mirror
    "the framing enhances but is not itself the subject of attention";
    - frame
Verb: frame  freym
  1. Enclose in or as if in a frame
    "frame a picture";
    - frame in, border
  2. Make someone get in trouble by setting a trap or planting false or deliberately misleading evidence
    "The innocent man was framed by the police";
    - ensnare, entrap, set up [informal], fit up [Brit, informal], stitch up [Brit, informal]
  3. Formulate in a particular style or language
    - redact, cast, put, couch
  4. Make up plans or basic details for
    "frame a policy";
    - compose, draw up
  5. (construction) construct by fitting or uniting parts together
    - frame up

Derived forms: framings

Type of: articulate, build, close in, conceptualisation [Brit], conceptualization, confine, construct, cozen [literary], deceive, delude, enclose, formulate, formulation, frame, framework, give voice, hold in, inclose, lead on, make, phrase, plan, shut in, word

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