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Verb: go up
  1. Move upward
    "The fog went up";
    - rise, lift, arise, move up, come up, uprise
  2. Increase in value or to a higher point
    "the value of our house went up sharply last year";
    - rise, climb
  3. Move towards
    - approach, near, come on, draw near, draw close, come near
  4. Be erected, built, or constructed
    "New buildings are going up everywhere"
  5. Go upward with gradual or continuous progress
    - climb, climb up, mount
  6. Burn completely; be consumed or destroyed by fire
    "The mountain of paper went up in flames";
    - burn down, burn up
  7. Travel up
    "go up a ladder";
    - ascend

Derived forms: goes up, going up, went up

See also: travel

Type of: burn, combust, come, come up, go, grow, locomote, move, travel