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Verb: come up
  1. Bring forth, usually something desirable
    "The committee came up with some interesting recommendations"
  2. Result or issue
    "A slight unpleasantness came up from this discussion";
    - arise
  3. Move toward, travel toward something or somebody or approach something or somebody
    - come
  4. Come to the surface
    - surface, rise up, rise
  5. Come to attention or become relevant
    "a question came up";
    - arise, bob up
  6. Move upward
    "The fog came up";
    - rise, lift, arise, move up, go up, uprise
  7. Be mentioned
    "These names came up in the discussion"
  8. Start running, functioning, or operating
    "the computer came up";
    - go on, come on
  9. Get something or somebody for a specific purpose
    - line up, get hold, find
  10. (astronomy) come up, of celestial bodies
    "The sun also comes up";
    - rise, uprise, ascend
  11. Gather (money or other resources) together over time
    - scrape, scrape up, scratch
  12. Gather or bring together
    - muster, rally, summon, muster up

Derived forms: came up, coming up, come up, comes up

See also: accompany, come in, pull through, succeed

Type of: accumulate, acquire, amass, ascend, become, bring forth, collect, come about, compile, fall out, garner, gather, generate, get, get going, go, go on, go up, hap [archaic], happen, hoard, locomote, move, occur, pass, pass off, pile up, pull together, roll up, start, take place, travel

Antonym: go, set