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Adjective: interesting  in-tru-sting or 'in,trest-ing or 'in-tu,rest-ing
  1. Arousing or holding the attention
Verb: interest  in-trust or 'in-tu,rest or 'in,trest
  1. Excite the curiosity of; engage the interest of
  2. Be on the mind of
    - concern, occupy, worry
  3. Be of importance or consequence
    "This interests me!";
    - matter to

See also: absorbing, amusing, amusive, diverting, engrossing, entertaining, exciting, fascinating, fun, gripping, interest, interestingness, intriguing, newsworthy, riveting, stimulating

Type of: arouse, bear on, come to, concern, elicit, enkindle [literary], evoke, fire, have to do with, kindle, pertain, provoke, raise, refer, relate, touch, touch on

Antonym: bore, uninteresting

Encyclopedia: Interesting