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Noun: fun  fún
  1. Activities that are enjoyable or amusing
    "he is fun to have around"; "I do it for the fun of it";
    - merriment, playfulness
  2. Verbal wit or mockery (often at another's expense but not to be taken seriously)
    "he became a figure of fun";
    - play, sport
  3. Violent and excited activity
    "she asked for money and then the fun began"
  4. A disposition to find (or make) causes for amusement
    "he was fun to be with";
    - playfulness
Adjective: fun (funner,funnest)  fún
  1. Affording satisfaction or pleasure
    - enjoyable, gratifying, pleasurable
  2. Providing enjoyment; pleasantly entertaining
    - amusing, amusive, diverting

Derived forms: funner, funs, funnest

See also: interesting, ludic [formal], playful, pleasant, serious, sober, unplayful

Type of: activity, diversion, drollness, frivolity, frivolousness, humor [US], humour [Brit, Cdn], recreation, wit, witticism, wittiness

Encyclopedia: Fun, Fun, Fun