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Adjective: playful  pley-ful
  1. Full of fun and high spirits
    "playful children just let loose from school";
    - ludic [formal]
  2. Carefree and happy; not serious
    - blithe, blithesome [archaic], lighthearted, lightsome, light-hearted, unserious

See also: arch, cheerful, coltish, devilish, elfin, elfish, elvish, frisky, frolicky, frolicsome, fun, impish, implike, kittenish, ludic, mischievous, mocking, pixilated, pixillated, playfulness, prankish, puckish, quizzical, rascally, roguish, rollicking, scampish [rare], sportive, teasing, wicked [informal]

Antonym: unplayful

Encyclopedia: Playful