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Noun: handgrip  'hand,grip
  1. The appendage to an object that is designed to be held in order to use or move it
    "he grabbed the hammer by the handgrip";
    - handle, grip, hold

Derived forms: handgrips

Type of: appendage

Part of: aspergill, aspersorium, baggage, baseball bat, bat, briefcase, brush, carpet beater, carrycot, cart, cheese cutter, coffee cup, coffeepot, cricket bat, cutlery, eating utensil, edge tool, faucet [N. Amer], frying pan, frypan [N. Amer], go-cart, hand tool, handbarrow, handcart, handlebar, handset, ladle, luggage, lumber, mug, pushcart, racket, racquet, rug beater, saucepan, skillet [N. Amer], spatula, spigot, tap, teacup, umbrella, watering can, watering pot