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Noun: hue  hyoo
  1. The quality of a colour as determined by its dominant wavelength
    - chromaticity
Verb: hue  hyoo
  1. Take on colour or become coloured
    "In highlights it hued to a dull silver-grey"
  2. Suffuse with colour
    - imbue

Sounds like: hours, o, hue

Derived forms: hues, hued, huing

See also: achromatic, chromatic, neutral

Type of: alter, change, color [US], color in [US], color property [US], colorise [Brit], colorize [US], colour [Brit, Cdn], colour in [Brit, Cdn], colour property [Brit, Cdn], colourise [Brit], colourize [Brit, Cdn], modify

Encyclopedia: Hue, Robert