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Noun: humbug  'húm,búg
  1. Pretentious or silly talk or writing
    - baloney, boloney, bilgewater, bosh, drool, taradiddle, tarradiddle, tommyrot, tosh [Brit], twaddle
  2. Communication (written or spoken) intended to deceive
    - snake oil
  3. Something intended to deceive; deliberate trickery intended to gain an advantage
    - fraud, fraudulence, dupery, hoax, put-on, spoof
  4. [Brit] Boiled mint sweet
Verb: humbug (humbugged,humbugging)  'húm,búg
  1. Trick or deceive

Derived forms: humbugs, humbugged, humbugging

Type of: bunk, chicane, chicanery, cozen, deceit, deceive, deception, delude, guile, hokum, lead on, meaninglessness, misrepresentation, nonsense, nonsensicality, shenanigan, trickery, wile

Encyclopedia: Humbug, California