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Noun: illumination  i,loo-mu'ney-shun
  1. The quality or amount of light; the effect and arrangement of lights
    - light, lighting
  2. The luminous flux incident on a unit area
    - illuminance
  3. The degree of visibility of your environment
  4. An interpretation that removes obstacles to understanding
    "the professor's illumination helped her to understand the textbook";
    - clarification, elucidation, ├ęclaircissement [literary]
  5. (Middle Ages) painting or drawing included in a book (especially in illuminated medieval manuscripts)
    - miniature
  6. A condition of spiritual awareness; divine illumination
    "follow God's illumination";
    - light

Derived forms: illuminations

Type of: brightness, brightness level, condition, interpretation, light, luminance, luminosity, luminousness, painting, picture, state, status

Encyclopedia: Illumination