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Noun: understanding  ,ún-du(r)'stan-ding
  1. The cognitive condition of someone who understands
    "he has virtually no understanding of social cause and effect";
    - apprehension, discernment, savvy
  2. The statement (oral or written) of an exchange of promises
    "there was an understanding between management and the workers";
    - agreement
  3. An inclination to support or be loyal to or to agree with an opinion
    "I knew I could count on his understanding";
    - sympathy
  4. The capacity for rational thought, inference or discrimination
    "we are told that man is endowed with understanding and capable of distinguishing good from evil";
    - reason, intellect
Adjective: understanding  ,ún-du(r)'stan-ding
  1. Characterized by understanding based on comprehension and discernment and empathy
    "an understanding friend"
Verb: understand (understood)  ,ún-du(r)'stand
  1. Know and comprehend the nature or meaning of
    "She did not understand her husband"; "I understand what she means"
  2. Perceive (an idea or situation) mentally
    "I don't understand the idea";
    - realize, realise [Brit], see
  3. Make sense of a language
    "She understands French";
    - read, interpret, translate
  4. Believe to be the case
    "I understand you have no previous experience?";
    - infer
  5. Be understanding of
    "You don't need to explain--I understand!";
    - sympathize, sympathise [Brit], empathize, empathise [Brit]

Derived forms: understandings

See also: perceptive

Type of: believe, disposition, faculty, inclination, knowing, mental faculty, module, statement, tendency

Encyclopedia: Understanding