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Noun: intrusion  in'troo-zhun
  1. Entrance by force or without permission or welcome
  2. Entry to another's property without right or permission
    - trespass, encroachment, violation, usurpation
  3. Any entry into an area not previously occupied
    "an intrusion of tourists";
    - invasion, encroachment
  4. Act or process of interfering in the affairs of others when it is unwanted or annoying
    "she was annoyed by the neighbour's intrusion";
    - interference, meddling
  5. The forcing of molten rock into fissures or between strata of an earlier rock formation
  6. Rock produced by an intrusive process

Derived forms: intrusions

Type of: actus reus, entering, entrance, entry, geologic process, geological process, incoming, ingress, misconduct, rock, stone, wrongdoing, wrongful conduct

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