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Verb: intrude  in'trood
  1. Enter uninvited
    "They intruded on our dinner party";
    - irrupt
  2. Enter unlawfully on someone's property
    "Don't intrude on my land!";
    - trespass
  3. Search or inquire in a meddlesome way
    "This guy is always intruding around the office";
    - horn in, pry, nose, poke
  4. Thrust oneself in as if by force
    "The colours don't intrude on the viewer";
    - obtrude

Derived forms: intruded, intrudes, intruding

See also: intrude on

Type of: breach, break, bring down, come in, enter, get in, get into, go against, go in, go into, impose, inflict, infract, look, move into, obtrude, offend, search, transgress, violate, visit

Encyclopedia: Intrude