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Noun: knockoff  'nók,óf
  1. An unauthorized copy or imitation
    - clone
Verb: knock off  nók óf
  1. Get rid of (someone who may be a threat) by killing
    "the double agent was knocked off";
    - neutralize, neutralise [Brit], liquidate, waste, do in
  2. Cut the price of
    - shave
  3. Take by theft
    "Someone knocked off my wallet!";
    - hook, snitch, thieve, cop, glom
  4. Write quickly
    - dash off, scratch off, toss off, fling off
  5. Stop pursuing or acting
    - drop

Derived forms: knocking off, knocked off, knockoffs, knocks off

Type of: bring down, cease, compose, copy, cut, cut back, cut down, discontinue, give up, indite [archaic], kill, lay off, pen, quit, reduce, steal, stop, surcease [archaic], trim, trim back, trim down, write

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