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Adjective: midway  'mid,wey
  1. Equally distant from the extremes
    - center [US], halfway, middle, centre [Brit, Cdn]
Noun: midway  'mid,wey
  1. The place at a fair or carnival where sideshows and similar amusements are located
Adverb: midway  'mid,wey
  1. At half the distance; at the middle
    "he was midway down the ladder when he fell";
    - halfway
Noun: Midway  'mid,wey
  1. Naval battle of World War II (June 1942); American planes based on land and on carriers decisively defeated a Japanese fleet on its way to invade the Midway Islands
    - Battle of Midway

Derived forms: midways

See also: central

Type of: naval battle, parcel, parcel of land, piece of ground, piece of land, tract

Part of: carnie [N. Amer, informal], carnival [N. Amer], carny [N. Amer, informal], fair, funfair [Brit], Second World War, World War 2, World War II

Encyclopedia: Midway, New Mexico