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Noun: mum  múm
  1. Informal term for a mother
    - ma, mama, mamma, mom [N. Amer], momma [N. Amer], mommy [N. Amer], mammy, mummy, mam [UK]
  2. Secrecy
    "mum's the word"
  3. The flower of a chrysanthemum plant
    - chrysanthemum
  4. Any of numerous perennial Old World herbs having showy brightly coloured flower heads of the genera Chrysanthemum, Argyranthemum, Dendranthema, Tanacetum; widely cultivated
    - chrysanthemum
Adjective: mum  múm
  1. Failing to speak or communicate etc when expected to
    "the witness remained mum";
    - silent

Derived forms: mums

See also: incommunicative, uncommunicative

Type of: bloom, blossom, female parent, flower, mother, secrecy, secretiveness, silence

Part of: aster family, Asteraceae, Compositae, family Asteraceae, family Compositae

Encyclopedia: Mum, Me, the 19th C