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Noun: paragraph  'per-u,graf [N. Amer], 'pa-ru,grãf [Brit]
  1. One of several distinct subdivisions of a text intended to separate ideas; the beginning is usually marked by a new indented line
    - para[2] [informal]
Verb: paragraph  'per-u,graf [N. Amer], 'pa-ru,grãf [Brit]
  1. Divide into paragraphs, as of text
    "This story is well paragraphed"
  2. Write about in a paragraph
    "All her friends were paragraphed in last Monday's paper"
  3. Write paragraphs; work as a paragrapher

Derived forms: paragraphed, paragraphing, paragraphs

Type of: carve up, compose, dissever, divide, indite [archaic], pen, piece of writing, separate, split, split up, write, writing, written material

Part of: text, textual matter

Encyclopedia: Paragraph