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Noun: partner  paa(r)t-nu(r)
  1. An associate in an activity, endeavour or sphere of common interest
    "sexual partners";
    - collaborator, cooperator, pardner [US, informal], pard [US, informal]
  2. A person's partner in marriage
    - spouse, married person, mate [informal], better half [informal], other half [Brit, informal]
  3. The person who forms the other part of a couple
    "his partner is pregnant"
  4. A person who is a member of a partnership
Verb: partner  paa(r)t-nu(r)
  1. Provide with a partner
  2. Act as a partner
    "Astaire partnered Rogers"

Derived forms: partnered, partners, partnering

Type of: act, associate, domestic partner, flesh and blood, furnish, individual, mortal, move, offer, person, provide, relation, relative, render, significant other, somebody, someone, soul, spousal equivalent, spouse equivalent, supply

Part of: man and wife, marriage, married couple, partnership

Encyclopedia: Partner, Peter