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Noun: peace  pees
  1. The state prevailing during the absence of war
  2. Harmonious relations; freedom from disputes
    "the roommates lived in peace together"
  3. The absence of mental stress or anxiety
    - peacefulness, peace of mind, repose, serenity, heartsease, ataraxis
  4. The general security of public places
    "he was arrested for disturbing the peace";
    - public security
  5. A treaty to cease hostilities
    "peace came on November 11th";
    - peace treaty, pacification

Sounds like: peas, peace

Derived forms: peaces

Type of: accord, concord, concordance, harmony, order, pact, quietness, quietude, security, symphony, tranquility [N. Amer], tranquillity, treaty

Antonym: war

Encyclopedia: Peace, Propaganda, and The Promised Land