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Noun: pitter-patter  'pi-tu(r),pa-tu(r)
  1. A series of rapid tapping sounds
    "she missed the pitter-patter of little feet around the house"
Adverb: pitter-patter  'pi-tu(r),pa-tu(r)
  1. As of footsteps
    - pit-a-pat, pitty-patty, pitty-pat
  2. Describing a rhythmic beating
    "his heart went pitter-patter";
    - pit-a-pat, pitty-patty, pitty-pat
Verb: pitter-patter  'pi-tu(r),pa-tu(r)
  1. Rain gently
    "It has only pitter-pattered, but the roads are slick";
    - sprinkle, spit [Brit], spatter, patter
  2. Make light, rapid and repeated sounds
    "gently pitter-pattering rain";
    - patter

Derived forms: pitter-pattering, pitter-patters, pitter-pattered

Type of: go, pat, rain, rain down, rap, sound, tap