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Noun: railroad  'reyl,rowd
Usage: N. Amer (elsewhere: railway)
  1. System of transportation using trains to pull passengers or freight
    "he travelled by railroad"; "he was concerned with railroad safety";
    - railway [Brit, Cdn], railroad line [N. Amer], railway line [Brit, Cdn], railway system [Brit, Cdn], rail
  2. A line of track providing a runway for wheels
    - railroad track [N. Amer], railway [Brit, Cdn], railway track [Brit, Cdn]
Verb: railroad  'reyl,rowd
  1. Compel by coercion, threats, or crude means
    "They railroaded him to make dinner for everyone";
    - dragoon, sandbag
  2. [N. Amer] Supply with railway lines
    "railroad the West"
  3. [N. Amer] Transport by railway
  4. Force a measure (law, agreement, etc) through quickly, without time for consultation
    "The bill was railroaded through the state legislature due to the influence of some very wealthy sponsors"

Derived forms: railroaded, railroads, railroading

Type of: coerce, force, furnish, hale [archaic], line, offer, pressure, provide, render, send, ship, squeeze, supply, track, transport

Part of: line, rail line, railroad line [N. Amer], railway line [Brit, Cdn]

Encyclopedia: Railroad, Pennsylvania