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Noun: rake  reyk
  1. A long-handled tool with a row of teeth at its head; used to move leaves or loosen soil
  2. Degree of deviation from a horizontal plane
    "the roof had a steep rake";
    - pitch, slant
  3. A dissolute man in fashionable society
    - rakehell [archaic], profligate, rip, blood [archaic], rouĂ© [archaic]
Verb: rake  reyk
  1. Level or smooth with a rake
    "rake gravel"
  2. Move through with or as if with a rake
    "She raked her fingers through her hair"
  3. Sweep the length of
    "The gunfire raked the coast"
  4. Examine hastily
    "She raked the newspaper headlines while waiting for the taxi";
    - scan, skim, glance over, run down
  5. Gather with a rake
    "rake leaves"
  6. Scrape gently
    "rake the skin";
    - graze, crease

Derived forms: rakes, raking, raked

See also: rake in, rake off [informal]

Type of: brush, collect, debauchee, displace, examine, garner, gather, gradient, libertine, move, pull together, rounder, see, slope, smooth, smoothen, sweep, tool

Encyclopedia: Rake, Michael