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Adjective: red-hot  red hót
  1. Having strong sexual appeal
    "a red-hot mama";
    - juicy, luscious, toothsome, voluptuous, bootylicious [US]
  2. Newest or most recent
    "red-hot information";
    - hot
  3. Characterized by intense emotion, interest or excitement
    "a red-hot speech";
    - sizzling
  4. Glowing red with heat
  5. Very fast; capable of quick response and great speed
    "a red-hot line drive";
    - blistering, hot
Noun: red hot
  1. A frankfurter served hot on a bun
    - hotdog, hot dog

Derived forms: red hots

See also: fast, hot, new, sexy

Type of: sandwich

Encyclopedia: Red-hot

Red hot