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Preposition: regarding  ri'gaa(r)-ding
  1. With regard or relation to; on the subject of
    "I have a query regarding your previous reply";
    - concerning, about, respecting, re, apropos, as regards, with regard to, as for, as to, in connection with
Verb: regard  ri'gaa(r)d
  1. Perceive or think about in a particular way; deem to be
    "I don't regard the situation quite as negatively as you do";
    - see, consider, reckon, view
  2. Look at attentively
    - consider
  3. Connect closely and often incriminatingly
    "This new ruling regards your business";
    - involve, affect

Type of: bear on, believe, come to, conceive, concern, consider, have to do with, look, pertain, refer, relate, think, touch, touch on

Encyclopedia: Regard