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Adjective: registered  re-ji-stu(r)d
  1. Listed or recorded officially
    "record is made of 'registered mail' at each point on its route to assure safe delivery"; "registered bonds"
  2. (of animals) officially recorded with or certified by a recognized breed association; especially in a stud book
    "a registered Percheron"
  3. (of a boat or vessel) furnished with necessary official documents specifying ownership etc
Verb: register  re-jis-tu(r)
  1. Record in writing; enter into a book of names, events or transactions
  2. (law) record in a public office or in a court of law
    "register for divorce";
    - file
  3. Enrol to vote
    "register for an election"
  4. Be aware of
    "Did you register any change when I pressed the button?";
    - record
  5. Indicate a certain reading; of gauges and instruments
    - read, show, record
  6. Have one's name listed as a candidate for several parties
    - cross-file
  7. Show in one's face
    "Her surprise did not register"
  8. (music) manipulate the registers of an organ
  9. Send by registered mail
    "I'd like to register this letter"
  10. Enter into someone's consciousness
    "Did this event register in your parents' minds?"

See also: certified, documented, qualified, recorded

Type of: affect, campaign, enrol [Brit, Cdn], enroll [N. Amer], enter, indicate, inscribe, mail, play, post [Brit], put down, record, recruit, run, send, show, show up

Antonym: unregistered

Encyclopedia: Registered

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