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Verb: resort  ri'zort
  1. Have recourse to
    "The government resorted to rationing meat";
    - fall back, recur
  2. Move, travel, or proceed toward some place
    "He resorted to his cabin in the woods";
    - repair
Noun: resort  ri'zort
  1. A hotel located in a resort area
    - resort hotel, holiday resort
  2. A frequently visited place
    - haunt, hangout [informal], repair, stamping ground [informal], stomping ground [N. Amer]
  3. Something or someone turned to for assistance or security
    "his only resort was the police";
    - recourse, refuge
  4. Act of turning to for assistance
    "an appeal to his uncle was his last resort";
    - recourse, refuge, appeal

Derived forms: resorted, resorting, resorts

Type of: aid, apply, area, assist, assistance, country, employ, go, help, hotel, locomote, move, resource, travel, use, utilise [Brit], utilize

Part of: playground, resort area, vacation spot

Encyclopedia: Resort