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Adjective: revived  ri'vIvd
  1. Given fresh life, vigour or spirit
    "stirred by revived hopes";
    - reanimated
  2. Restored to consciousness, life or vigour
    "felt revived hope"
Verb: revive  ri'vIv
  1. Cause to regain consciousness
    "The doctors revived the comatose man";
    - resuscitate
  2. Give new life or energy to
    "A hot soup will revive me";
    - animate, recreate, reanimate, renovate, repair, quicken, vivify, revivify
  3. Be brought back to life, consciousness, or strength
    "Interest in ESP revived"
  4. Restore from a depressed, inactive, or unused state
    "He revived this style of opera";
    - resurrect
  5. Return to consciousness
    "She revived after the doctor gave her an injection";
    - come to, resuscitate

See also: alive, animated, reborn, recrudescent, redux, renascent, renewed, resurgent, resuscitated, revitalised [Brit], revitalized

Type of: arouse, boom, brace, bring around, bring back, bring round, bring to, change state, energise [Brit], energize, expand, flourish, perk up, regenerate, rejuvenate, restore, stimulate, thrive, turn

Antonym: unrevived

Encyclopedia: Revived