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Verb: rove  rowv
  1. Move about aimlessly or without any fixed destination
    "roving vagabonds";
    - roll, wander, swan [informal], stray, tramp, roam, cast, ramble, range, drift, vagabond [archaic]
  2. Card or draw out wool or other fibers
Noun: rove  rowv
  1. The activity of wandering around
    - wander
Verb: reeve (rove, also reeved)  reev
  1. Pass a rope through
    "reeve an opening"
  2. Pass through a hole or opening
    "reeve a rope"
  3. Fasten by passing through a hole or around something

Derived forms: roved, roving, roves

Type of: go, locomote, move, pass through, travel

Encyclopedia: Rove, Zagorje ob Savi

Reeve, Simon