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Noun: runup  'rún,úp
  1. A substantial increase over a relatively short period of time
    "market runups are followed by corrections"; "a runup in interest rates";
    - run-up
Verb: run up
  1. Pile up (debts or scores)
  2. Raise by using ropes and pulleys
    "run up the flags";
    - hoist
  3. Fasten, join or repair by sewing
    - sew, sew together, stitch, stitch up
  4. Accumulate, sometimes as a debt
    "he ran up $100 in the course of the evening";
    - chalk up
  5. Make by sewing together quickly
    "run up a skirt"
Noun: run-up  rún úp
  1. The approach run during which an athlete gathers speed

Derived forms: run-ups, runups, running up, run up, runs up, ran up

Type of: accumulate, amass, approach, approaching, at hand, bring up, close at hand, collect, coming, compile, elevate, fasten, fix, get up, hoard, imminent, impendent, impending, increase, lift, owe, pile up, raise, roll up, secure, sew, tailor, tailor-make

Part of: bowling, broad jump [N. Amer], long jump, pole jump, pole jumping, pole vault, pole vaulting

Encyclopedia: Runup