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Adjective: slipping  sli-ping
  1. Moving as on a slippery surface
    "his slipping and slithering progress over the ice";
    - slithering
Verb: slip (slipped,slipping)  slip
  1. Insert inconspicuously, quickly or quietly
    "He slipped some money into the waiter's hand"
  2. Move obliquely or sideways, usually in an uncontrolled manner
    "the wheels slipped against the pavement";
    - skid, slue, slew, slide
  3. Move stealthily
    "The ship slipped away in the darkness";
    - steal
  4. Get worse
    "My grades are slipping";
    - drop off, drop away, fall away
  5. Move smoothly and easily
    "the bolt slipped into place"; "water slipped from the polished marble"
  6. To make a mistake or be incorrect
    - err, mistake
  7. Pass on stealthily
    "He slipped me the key when nobody was looking";
    - sneak
  8. (of clothes) quickly put on or take off
    "slip into something comfortable"
  9. Cause to move with a smooth or sliding motion
    "he slipped the bolt into place"
  10. Pass out of one's memory
    - slip one's mind
  11. Move out of position
    - dislocate, luxate, splay

See also: fall, slip away, slip up, slippery, slippy

Type of: blank out, block, break loose, decline, displace, disremember, draw a blank, enclose, escape, forget, get away, give, glide, hand, inclose, insert, introduce, move, pass, pass on, put in, reach, stick in, turn over, worsen

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