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Noun: snuff  snúf
  1. The charred portion of a candlewick
  2. A pinch of smokeless tobacco inhaled at a single time
  3. Finely powdered tobacco for sniffing up the nose
  4. Sensing an odour by inhaling through the nose
    - sniff
Adjective: snuff  snúf
  1. Snuff coloured; of a greyish to yellowish brown
    - snuff-brown, mummy-brown, chukker-brown
Verb: snuff  snúf
  1. Sniff or smell inquiringly
    - snuffle
  2. Inhale (something) through the nose
    "snuff coke"

Derived forms: snuffing, snuffed, snuffs

See also: chromatic

Type of: baccy [UK, informal], breathe in, char, hint, inhale, inspire, jot, mite, pinch, smell, smelling, snout [UK, informal], soupçon, speck, tinge, tobacco, touch

Part of: candlewick

Encyclopedia: Snuff