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Verb: sow (sowed,sown)
  1. (farming) place (seeds) in or on the ground for future growth
    "She sowed sunflower seeds";
    - seed
  2. Introduce into an environment
    "sow suspicion or beliefs"
  3. (farming) place seeds in or on (the ground)
    "sow the ground with sunflower seeds";
    - inseminate, sow in
Noun: sow
  1. An adult female hog

Sounds like: or

Derived forms: sowing, sown, sowed, sows

Type of: broadcast, circularise [Brit], circularize, circulate, diffuse, disperse, disseminate, distribute, lay, pass around, place, pose, position, propagate, put, set, spread, swine

Encyclopedia: Sow