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Verb: streak  streek
  1. Move quickly in a straight line
    "The plane streaked across the sky"
  2. Run naked in a public place
  3. Mark with spots or blotches of different colour or shades of colour as if stained
    - mottle, blotch
Noun: streak  streek
  1. An unbroken series of events
    "had a streak of bad luck";
    - run
  2. A distinctive characteristic
    "he has a stubborn streak"; "a streak of wildness"
  3. A narrow marking of a different colour or texture from the background
    "a green toad with small black streaks or bars";
    - stripe, bar
  4. A sudden flash (as of lightning)

Derived forms: streaked, streaking, streaks

Type of: characteristic, color [US], color in [US], colorise [Brit], colorize [US], colour [Brit, Cdn], colour in [Brit, Cdn], colourise [Brit], colourize [Brit, Cdn], flash, marking, move, run, succession

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