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Verb: subdue  sub'd(y)oo
  1. Put down by force or intimidation
    "The government subdues any attempt of an uprising";
    - repress, quash, keep down, subjugate, reduce
  2. Bring under control by force or authority
    "subdue a nascent uprising";
    - suppress, stamp down, conquer
  3. Hold within limits and control
    "subdue one's appetites";
    - mortify, crucify
  4. Get on top of; deal with successfully
    "He subdued his shyness";
    - overcome, get over, surmount, master
  5. Make subordinate, dependent, or subservient
    "Our wishes have to be subdued to that of our ruler";
    - subordinate
  6. Correct by punishment or discipline
    - tame, chasten

Derived forms: subdued, subduing, subdues

Type of: alter, beat, beat out, change, check, contain, control, crush, curb, hold, hold in, lower, mod [informal], moderate, modify, oppress, shell, suppress, trounce, vanquish