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Noun: swimming  swi-ming
  1. The activity or sport of moving through water by moving limbs
    - natation [literary]
  2. The act of swimming
    "it was the swimming they enjoyed most";
    - swim
Adjective: swimming  swi-ming
  1. Filled or brimming with tears
    "swimming eyes";
    - liquid
  2. (heraldry) applied to a fish depicted horizontally
    - naiant
Verb: swim (swam,swum,swimming)  swim
  1. Move forward when submerged or floating on water by moving the body or limbs
    "We had to swim for 20 minutes to reach the shore"; "a big fish was swimming in the tank"
  2. Be afloat either on or below a liquid surface and not sink to the bottom
    - float
  3. Be covered with or submerged in a liquid
    "the meat was swimming in a fatty gravy";
    - drown
  4. Move as if gliding through water
    "this snake swims through the soil where it lives"
  5. Be dizzy or giddy
    "my brain is swimming after the bottle of champagne"

Derived forms: swimmings

See also: horizontal, tearful

Type of: aquatics, be, go, locomote, move, travel, water sport

Encyclopedia: Swimming

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