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Adjective: thieving  thee-ving
  1. Given to thievery
    - thievish, furacious [archaic]
Noun: thieving  thee-ving
  1. The act of taking something from someone unlawfully
    "the thieving is awful at Kennedy International";
    - larceny, theft, thievery, stealing
Verb: thieve  theev
  1. Take by theft
    "Someone thieved my wallet!";
    - hook [informal], snitch [informal], cop [informal], knock off [informal], glom [N. Amer, informal], pilfer, cabbage [informal], purloin, pinch [Brit, informal], abstract, snarf [N. Amer, informal], swipe [informal], sneak [informal], filch [informal], nobble [Brit, informal], lift, whip [Brit, informal], nick [Brit, informal], snatch [informal], blag [Brit, informal]

Derived forms: thievings

See also: dishonest, dishonorable [US], dishonourable [Brit, Cdn]

Type of: felony, rip [N. Amer, informal], rip off [informal], steal

Encyclopedia: Thieving