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Noun: tinsel  tin-sul
  1. A showy decoration that is basically valueless
    "all the tinsel of self-promotion"
  2. A thread with glittering metal foil attached
Verb: tinsel (tinselled,tinselling, or [US] tinseled,tinseling)  tin-sul
  1. Impart a cheap brightness to
    "his tinseled image of Hollywood"
  2. Adorn with tinsel
    "snow flakes tinseled the trees"
  3. Interweave with tinsel
    "tinseled velvet"

Derived forms: tinseling, tinselled, tinsels, tinselling

Type of: add, adorn, beautify, bestow, bring, contribute, decorate, decoration, embellish, grace, impart, interweave, lend, ornament, ornamentation, thread, weave, yarn

Encyclopedia: Tinsel